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materials and finishes.
  • Reclaimed steel from Construction Demolition
  • Excess and cut off Lumber from Construction Sites
  • Steel Shapes Demolition Projects
  • Cut off Excess Engineered Lumber
  • Antique Framing Lumber and Heavy Timber from Demolition of Turn of the Century Structures various sizes
  • Excess Cutoff Plywood from Cabinet making and Other Construction Types
  • All Finishes and Adhesives are nontoxic, meeting LEED requirements for VOC emissions.
  • Water based Soy Modified Acrylic-Urethane VOC content < 25 gm/L
  • Water based Acrylic anti rust coating VOC content 85 gm/L
  • FURN_downdog-bench8573
  • FURN_downdog-end-table8631
  • FURN_4p_chair-8541
  • Blum_Coffee_Table
  • FURN-Loft-coffee-table_8610
  • RareEarth-Plant_Stand
  • Qube Base
FURN_downdog-bench85731 FURN_downdog-end-table86312 FURN_4p_chair-85413 Blum_Coffee_Table4 FURN-Loft-coffee-table_86105 RareEarth-Plant_Stand6 Qube Base7
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