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furniture lines.

Production Edition

Reproducible edition color and finish may vary due to natural variations in materials, aging ect.

Limited Edition
Only a limited number of these piece can be produced due to availability of the materials used. In some cases variations on the theme can be produced.

Unique Edition
Only one of this piece can be produced from available materials.

The piece can be produced in a custom size for nominal upcharge contact g_space or submit form

  • FURN_downdog-bench8573
  • FURN_downdog-end-table8631
  • FURN_4p_chair-8541
  • Blum_Coffee_Table
  • FURN-Loft-coffee-table_8610
  • RareEarth-Plant_Stand
  • Qube Base
FURN_downdog-bench85731 FURN_downdog-end-table86312 FURN_4p_chair-85413 Blum_Coffee_Table4 FURN-Loft-coffee-table_86105 RareEarth-Plant_Stand6 Qube Base7
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