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about us.

g_space elements produces furnishings from construction waste, excess material, cut off, and other waste stream sources that are intended to go to landfills or through other more extensive recycling processes. We seek to find the inherent beauty in the aged patina, weathered worn, or simple industrial nature of the materials.

Imperfections such as warps, cracks, , nail holes, worm holes,rust, scalling,some paint resudue and weathering are all intentionally left the finished product and add a warmth and character that only time can give the material.

Each piece is hand crafted and unique some pieces are repeatable but no two are identical. Some pieces are one of a kind and some designs are limited editions due to the limited quanitites of some salvged materials.

  • FURN_downdog-bench8573
  • FURN_downdog-end-table8631
  • FURN_4p_chair-8541
  • Blum_Coffee_Table
  • FURN-Loft-coffee-table_8610
  • RareEarth-Plant_Stand
  • Qube Base
FURN_downdog-bench85731 FURN_downdog-end-table86312 FURN_4p_chair-85413 Blum_Coffee_Table4 FURN-Loft-coffee-table_86105 RareEarth-Plant_Stand6 Qube Base7
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