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we see sustainability as an attitude.

Simply LEED certified will not be enough without a conscious effort to reduce our consumption of resources. We need to look at everything in our environment and think about its impact.

Our furniture is about the path of least resistance. We ask how can we make something useful and pleasing from what we have before us, or what we would normally discard. Even if these items would be recycled, we have ask, What amount of energy will it take to recycle this? Can it be reused?

Construction job sites leave produce enormous amounts of waste material. The USGBC's LEED Certification process requires this to be recycled and kept out of landfills. We prefer to avoid recycling and directly reuse many items in creative innovative ways.

  • FURN_downdog-bench8573
  • FURN_downdog-end-table8631
  • FURN_4p_chair-8541
  • Blum_Coffee_Table
  • FURN-Loft-coffee-table_8610
  • RareEarth-Plant_Stand
  • Qube Base
FURN_downdog-bench85731 FURN_downdog-end-table86312 FURN_4p_chair-85413 Blum_Coffee_Table4 FURN-Loft-coffee-table_86105 RareEarth-Plant_Stand6 Qube Base7
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